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Welcome to the relaunched blog of the Dundas University Health Clinic

Far too frequently have I heard patients refer to headaches or body pain as ‘normal’ or ‘regular’.  Pain or discomfort should never be considered normal!  A lot of the pain, decreased flexibility or body aches that most people suffer from at one point or another in their daily lives can be diminished or avoided completely with a few everyday changes.

POSTURE and ERGONOMICS:      Good posture is a prime way to avoid body stresses and strains.  In today’s culture we spend far too much time in a seated position, especially sitting at computers or working on hand held devices. Seated posture is a big insult to our bodies but it is also important to think about sleeping posture, standing posture, lifting postures; all of these also effect the strains and forces that we put through our bodies on a daily basis.

SLEEP/RESTING:     Proper rest and sleep cycles are very important for maintaining good health.  Our bodies use sleep to recover from the stresses of the day.  Rest and sleep cycles are also very important for maintaining proper hormone and chemical balance in our bodies.

BALANCED DIET:   In today’s world it it too easy to rely on restaurants or prepackaged/prepared foods.  That can be effective as there are increasingly healthy choices available, but knowing what the healthy choices can sometimes be daunting.

PROPER FOOTWEAR:   How our feet hit the ground and how they are supported affect how energy is transferred from heal strike up to the rest of our bodies.  Incorrect foot support can lead to  many issues such as knee dysfunction, hip pain, low back pain, headaches, tired achy legs, and these can all be helped from proper footwear.

DAILY MOVEMENT:   In our increasingly sedentary lives moving our bodies seems to have been relegated to only to the gym and an effective gym routine is hard to maintain!  Getting movement into our routines, especially movement that counteracts our seated postures, is effective in avoiding aches and pains.  Strengthening postural muscles that are weak and lengthening over used, tightened muscles can help avoid strain.

A lot of these points may seem simple enough but everybody knows that maintaining them can be very difficult. Over the coming weeks and months the posts on this blog will come from all of the different members of our healthcare team.  In this blog you will find tips and information that will make leading a more healthy and pain free life more attainable!



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