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Custom-cast orthotics are constructed specifically for you to correct your foot mechanics. They are prescribed for you after a foot exam and gait analysis are performed and casts are taken of your feet. Orthotics can relieve arch and heel pain while properly aligning your body from the feet up. Orthotics can be helpful in the treatment plan of other conditions including, but not limited to, knee and hip conditions, low back pain, and postural issues. Orthotics may be provided by either a Chiropodist or a Chiropractor. Our experienced staff will help match you with the right provider.

Answers to some common questions:

Yes, orthotics may help. If your arches have dropped, or the biomechanics of your feet are altered, it can cause a change in how you walk and put pressure on your ankles, knees and hips resulting in lower back pain.
It depends on how often you wear your orthotics. They should be worn everyday, however if you have multiple pairs, they can last anywhere from 2-4 years.
People should wear orthotics for various reasons including: flat feet / fallen arches, heel spurs, plantar fascitis, over pronation (over rotation of the foot inwards) and over supination (walking on the outside of the foot).
No. Extended health care benefits may cover the cost of the orthotics. Each insurance company’s terms are different.
1. Are you covered for custom foot orthotics?
2. What percentage of the cost will they cover?
3. How many pairs are you allowed per calendar year? (Or is it every 2 years?)
4. who do you need a referral/prescription from (Chiropractor, Chiropodist, Medical Doctor)
5. Who can dispense the orthotics?
Orthotics are custom made for your feet and any problems you have. The castings are analyzed by a computer technician and made accordingly. The materials used are strong and durable, therefore, your orthotics can last for up to 4 years before they need to be replaced.