About Registered Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is the fusion of the ancient traditions of body treatment and the scientific disciplines of anatomy, physiology and ‎therapeutic treatment. Massage Therapy has long been used successfully to treat and manage issues such as stress, circulatory and common ailments such as headaches. Modern Massage Therapy has incorporated research to increase the scope of practice to range from injury prevention to aiding in the healing of post-surgical procedures. Massage Therapists now work closely with other ‎alternative practitioners such as chiropractic, chiropody, and physiotherapy to deal with day to day maintenance of the physical health of their clients. As well, post-surgical procedures such as knee replacements or the handling of circulatory issues related to cancer are all within the realm of what a Massage Therapist can now address.

Whether dealing with repetitive strain and posture-related issues, stress or ‎injury your Massage Therapist can now create a treatment plan to get you back to a healthy state or create a new level of health and mobility not previously available to the client.